Image Zoomer - zoom Selected Parts of an Image



Image Zoomer enables to zoom selected parts of an Image. The images are stored as external jpg files. You can define the zoom frames - their size, position and target image in a xml document. Zoomed images can have their own zoom frames so you can display even more details. Image Zoomer is AS2 based.

Download (1900kB, includes examples, source codes)

Terms of Use

Free under GPL License. (Free to use, but your sofware which uses Image Zoomer must be available also under the same license).

Commercial license

With commercial license Image Zoomer does not display YoFLA logo and can by used for commercial use. Purchase Image Zoomer (9999 EUR)


Made with Eclipse, ASDT, MATSC.
Nicolas Cannasse - motion twin action script compiler
Photos: Nokia, NASA, see photo description.



Version log

version 1.0

  • + url links in image description
  • + chinese language char. set support
  • + testing phase finished

version 0.2

  • + more custom options
  • + avaiable also as a component
  • + swf size reduced
  • + rewrited core

version 0.1.1

  • + smaller improvements

version 0.1

  • + external jpg images
  • + xml configuration
  • + mtasc compatible

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