FlexiZoomer : simple and resizable image zoomer


FlexiZoomer main features:

  • SIMPLE installation
  • zoom & pan
  • zoom an external image or a MovieClip in the library
  • customizable look of the buttons
  • custom number of zoom steps
  • custom maximal zoom
  • actionscript API
  • update image via JavaScript
  • flexible size – you don’t even need Flash to implement the zoomer into your website
Free Download (displays "Y" logo)

Short Description
With FlexiZoomer you can zoom and external image defined via a flashVar parameter, or you can create a single file zoomer, with the image embedded in the file. This makes it incredibly easy if you want to upload a zoomable image e.g. to your blog – you just upload one swf, no settings, no xmls. The FlexiZoomer is built as a flash component. You can either drag and drop it from the components panel to the stage, or use solely ActionScript to add the zoomer to your project.