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Flash Zoomer enables to zoom an image and provides an navigator window. Setup is very simple - image is defined as external parameter which makes it easy to implement the zoomer in your CMS or eCommerce application. The zoomer is skinnable, you can plug in your icons, change colors, or mouse pointers.


- skinnable
- navigator window
- image as parameter
- zommSteps as parameter
- security feature personalizes your zoomer

Download FREE version

  • version 3.3.3
  • free for commercial use
  • displays "Y" logo

Purchase PRO version  -  9999 EUR

  • version 3.3.3
  • SWC component
  • 1 year free upgrades
  • does not display "Y" logo
  • security feature protects stealing the swf from your site
  • Download link is displayed immediate after the payment

PRO License: 1 license per site owner required - you may run the Flash Zoomer on any number of sites which belong to you. If you are a webdeveloper company, you may not resell or redistribute the tool to your clients - each client should have his license or consider buying the ENTERPRISE version. Also Flash Zoomer PRO may not be redistributed as part of a content management system or online hosting solution.

Purchase ENTERPRISE version  -  9999 EUR

  • version 3.3.3
  • Same as PRO but with source codes
  • 1 year free upgrades
  • Download link is displayed immediate after the payment

ENTERPRISE License: You may use the Flash Zoomer as a part of a content management system / hosting solution. You may deploy it on any number of sites - yours or the sites of your clients. You may not resell the tool itself, or claim authorship of the product, but you can charge fees for implementing the tool.

Get a Free Copy

Send us a new skin/theme for Flash Zoomer. If the theme will be posted on this site, you will get a free copy of Flash Zoomer PRO.


Pure MVC framework
History Televison Canada (the painting)



Version log

Version 3.3.3     22.Jan 2009

  • + navigator can be disabled (by deleting it in the theme)
  • + startZoom parameter added

Version 3.3.2     22.Jul 2008

  • + security feature update
  • + switched form PureMVC to PureMVC multicore framework

Version 3.3.1     15.May 2008

  • + error message (if present) hides if
    new image is set via JavaScript

Version 3.3     5.May 2008

  • + ContexLoader added for loading images from different url address
  • + Tiny UI issue fixed

Version 3.2     25.Apr 2008

  • + more flexible theming
  • + max zoom option
  • + JS command to change image

Version 3.1     12.Mar 2008

  • + custom start state
  • + mousewheel zooms

Version 3.0     17.Jan 2008

  • + ported to AS3
  • + custom zoom steps
  • + security feature
  • + scale slider

Version 2.0     15.Dec 2007

  • + internal dev. version

Version 1.0     17.Oct 2007

  • + skinnable
  • + image as parameter

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