Cover Flow - the Open Source Flash Script

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Cover Flow flash script is a iTunes - or Mac like presentation of cd covers / photos / or any other images. The cover images and their description is defined in an external xml file. The cover script parameters (such as cover width, height, fade amount) are also defined in an external xml file and it is possible to use dynamic urls for the xml files definitions.


- cover flow parameters configurable using xml file
- cover flow images and their description is defined in xml file
- JavaScript function with custom parameter is called when a cover is clicked on
- scalable : use one swf for different movie sizes
- fast : AS3 version, performs fine with 200+ images (or even more)
- free and open source for non-commercial use!


- Change background color example: view


This cover flow presentation was inspired by Weber Design Labs's opensource cover flow flash script, which can be found here. This (from ground up AS3 programmed) coverflow script was orginaly developed for company who gave me (Matus Laco) the rights to resell the tool. I modified and updated the script a little and decided to provide it as open-source for non-comercial use under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License.