3D Rotate Tool - JavaScript Hotspot & Shadowbox example



This example shows:

  1. A custom hotspot Movie Clip
    You can use any movieClip for the hotspot mark. Here, the movieClip named MyCustomHotspot was used, you can find it and edit it in the library of the rotateTool.fla file.
  2. JavaScript Hotspot
    After the hotspot is clicked, a JavaScript function is called. You define the JavaScript function and hotspot in the config.xml, each hotspot can have its own JavaScript function set.
  3. Shadowbox script
    The sample JavaScript function shows an image in a fancy way using shadowbox. Note: you must obtain yor own shadowbox license if you are developing a commercial site.


You can download this exmaple here: example-hotspot.zip. Please note that the JavaScript functionality does not work when the html file is launched directly from your hard-drive. Please access it from an online location or from a local server.

Due to security settings of some browsers (like preventing accessing of local file config.xml from within a webpage or launching local JavaScript), please upload the content of this folder to an online location or test on a local server to experience full functionality. This message will hide automatically when online.