Using The WordPress Plugin without 3DRT Setup Utility

Now you can upload your 360 images as an zip archive from within WP admin zone: WP Admin» Media»360 Views
You can try to download and use this sample file:

Uploading of images for a 360 view now directly in admin zone!
Uploading of images for a 360 view now directly in admin zone!

Original article:
It is possible to create a 360 view of your product just by uploading the images into your folder. The yofla360 folder name is important – it let’s the plugin know that it is responsible of generating the config.js file and not the 3DRT Setup Utility.

Plugin of version 1.0.8 or newer is required, the images must be sortable by name.

In this example, after uploading backpack images to the wp-content/yofla360/backpack/images folder, one can use this embed code to display this 360 view on your page:

You can edit the settings.ini file in the yofla360 folder to set rotation speed, skin/theme or other options. You can place extra settings.ini file into the backpack folder to override the default settings.

Another example using this functionality can be viewed here: Tank Model 360 view example.

List of all available settings:
– You can use these settings in the settings.ini file to control the 360° view options: