WordPress Plugin :: 360° Product rotation

You can easily integrate the 360° product rotations into your WordPress site using the 360° product rotation plugin.

On this page:
Shortcode options


  • Install 360 Product Rotation Plugin by installing from your WordPress Admin area
  • Activate the module via the Plugins page in your WordPress Admin area
  • Upload archive (WP Admin»Media»360 Views) with your 360 view (zipped images or zipped output of the 3DRT Setup Utility)
  • Use an shortcode to embed. The shortcode can be generated also in WP Admin»Media»360 Views

[360 width="100%" height="375px" src="yofla360/weddingring"]

Shortcode options:
  • src (required)
    1) is the product folder name under wp-content/uploads.
    2) or you can specify an absolute url starting with http. E.g. for amazon static website hosting I use src=”http://360.yofla.com.s3-website-us-east-1.amazonaws.com/backpackjs/”
  • width (optional)
    is your desired width in px or % (optional parameter, defaults to 500px)
  • height (optional)
    is your desired height in px or % (optional parameter, defaults to 375px)
  • iframe (optional) [true|false]
    By default (true) the 360° product rotation is embedded using an iframe. The 360° product view can be inserted also as <div> and becomes a part of your site’s DOM (useful for advanced JavaScript hotspot functionality).
  • iframe_styles (optional) [string]
    Custom css styles applied to the ifram. Usage e.g.: iframe_styles=”border: 0px;”
  • ga_enabled (optional) [true|false]
    Default is false. Enables Google Analytics Events tracking when set to true.
  • ga_tracking_id (optional) [UA-XX-XXXXXX]
    It is your Google Analytics Profile id. It is used, when no previous ga is found in page
  • ga_category (optional) [string]
    GA category. Defaults to “YOFLA_360”
  • ga_label (optional,useful) [string]
    GA label. Identifies your product & location. E.g. “Backpack @ Homepage”

Entering license info

You can enter your License Key (or license id) in the 360° product rotation plugin settings so all your 360 product rotations you have created with your FREE license will start to use the paid version of the player.

License Id

In case you do not wish to share the license key in your client’s WP install, you can enter the license id. You can find your License Id in the License Dashboard in the 3DRT Setup Utility: