WooCommerce Plugin

Now you can easily integrate a 360 view into your WooCommerce e-shop. All you need are the 360 product images.

Online demo:


Step by step instructions:
  1. Install the WordPress Plugin
    Search for the “360 Product Rotation” plugin and install the plugin using the usual way.
  2. Upload product images
    You can upload product images as a zip archive (or the output of the 3DRT Setup Utility) directly via wordpress interface in
    Media » 360° Views :
    Uploading of images for a 360 view now directly in admin zone!

    – You can use this sample archive: backpack.zip
    – Or you can shoot your own product images: Tutorial on DIY 360 product photography.

  3. Assign the 360 view in the product details page
    Navigate to:
    Products » Product Data » 360° View Tab
    and choose your uploaded product from the drop-down menu:
    Click Update to save the changes.
  4. The 360° view is ready
    The 360° view will now show in place of the main product image.

Please feel free to contact me should you have any questions or suggestions.