Prestashop Module

This is the Prestashop module for integrating 360 product view created by the 3DRT Setup Utility into your prestashop-based webshop.

Compatible Prestashop versions: 1.5, 1.6

Installation instructions

1) Download
Download module here:

2) Unzip and upload
Unzip the downloaded file and upload it using ftp to the /modules/ directory of your prestashop installation.

3) Activate the module
After the module was uploaded, you can find it at the bottom of the modules list, or in the “others” category. Click on install


4) Prepare your 360 product view & Upload
You can download a sample 360 product view of a backpack here:, or you can create your own 360 product rotation with the 3DRT Setup Utility. When you have the folder with your rotation ready, upload it to your wordpress site using FTP into the /img/yofla360/ folder.

5) Asign the 360 view to a product
After the module is installed, you can assign the 360 product view to any of your products in the new YoFLA 360 Product Viewer Tab:


Enter the name of the directory you have uploaded to the prestashop’s/imgs/yofla360/ directory. It’s a good idea to avoid spaces and special characters in the directory name you have uploaded. Than click on “Save and Stay”.

6) View the result
The 360 View replaces the main product image:


7) Configure
You can choose if you want to display the 360 view instead of the main product image, or display a “360 view” thumb and open the product rotation in a lightbox. You set the settings in the Modules configuration page.



Contact & Support
Please contact me if you encounter any problems or suggestions when using the module.

Please let me know which new features you want the most, thanks!:
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