PHP helper library for 360° product views

PHP Script for embedding a full 360 degree product view into a webpage using just the product images. No need for 3DRT Setup Utility. Perfect for projects with hundreds of products.



  • No need to use the 3DRT Setup Utility, create rotation just by uploading the product images.
  • One central location for the rotatetool.js engine. If there is a new version, you can upgrade all rotations by just replacing one file.
  • One central location for the player theme/skin. You can change the look of the player for all rotations by just changing one variable.
  • Configure settings for a product (or group of products) by editing a single settings.ini file


View example here


Download from here.
Free for all 3DRT PRO WL, 3DRT ENTERPRISE WL users.


1) Install the PHP Script
Unpack the downloaded yofla_3drt folder into your web root (or its subdirectory)

2) Upload Product Images
Place product photos into a directory within the “products folder”, e.g. “yofla_3drt/products/backpack“.
It is possible to use a separate set of high-resolution images. Then use these folder names
“yofla_3drt/products/backpack/images” for normal images (e.g. 400×300)
“yofla_3drt/products/backpack/imageslarge” for hi-res images (e.g. 1024×768)

You can also use a nested directory structure, e.g.

3) Use in your PHP script
3.1) Include the Library with:

3.2) Use a simple php command to embed the 360 Product view;


Directory structure

– yofla_3drt
  – cache : generated config.js files and html files are stored here
  – lib : php source files
  – player_files : the “engine” rotatetool.js JavaScript player file is located here
  – products : place your product images inside this directory
  – templates : template files for iframe tag and iframe page
  – themes : themes/skins to customize the look of the 360° product player


Rotate_Tool::get_iframe( $path, $options=null )

Returns iframe html embed code.

$path : The relative path to the directory with images (relative to products folder)
$options : Optional parameter. Is an array with options. Currently these options are supported:
   – “width” [number] : width of the iframe
   – “height” [number] : height of the iframe


The default settings (including iframe styles) are defined in “yofla_3drt/settings.ini” file.


Returns an array of all products placed in the “yofla_3drt/products”” directory

Sample Array Structure:


Scans the “yofla_3drt/products” directory for products and creates:
1) Cached config.js and iframe html pages for all products in yofla_3drt/cache directory
2) A list of products stored in yofla_3drt/cache/products.dat

Run this command each time you add/remove/modify a product.

Settigns File

There is one gobal settings.ini file in the yofla_3drt directory. Each product inherits these settings. Each product, or parent directory of a group of products can have it’s own settings.ini file defined that overrides the global settings. It is enough to enter only the values you want to override.