Integrating into Ebay

Step by step tutorial on how to show the 360° view of your product in Ebay.


Due to changes on Ebay’s side this embedding method does not work. If you want to show a 360 view in ebay, please use the Animated GIF export option.

In the HTML tab provide link to where you uploaded the exported animated gif of your product.
In the HTML tab provide link to where you uploaded the exported animated gif of your product.

1) Prerequisites:

Export your 360° product rotation using the 3DRT Setup Utility and upload it to your web server (or to a cloud service).

2) Enter Ebay listing “Details” field

It is possible to place the 360° rotation only in the product details/description.
Important: You must switch to the “HTML” tab:


3) Use and modify this embed code

This is the embed code from our example, see description below the image how to customize it for your product.

There are minimum two urls you need to update in the code:

1) the “path” url as specified on line 14
The path url points to the directory you have created using the 3DRT Setup Utility and uploaded to your server.

2) the “src” of the 360 player engine, as specified on line 9
The url in the example points to the free version of the player. Modify it so it points to the exported & uploaded directory from step 1) and add “/rotatetool.js” (without the quotes). So it might look like :

Setting the width/height of the player
You set the width/height of the 360° player by updating the [500,375] values in line 14.
Important: Please update also the height in style=”height:375px;” on line 13. Ebay displays the description in an fixed-height iframe and needs to know how tall the content will be.

4) Check the final result

If there are no typos in the code, everything should work:
Note: the image below is just a 3 frames gif animation (to keep filesize small)


5) Questions, problems?

Just contact me!

Note: Player files 1.4.9 or newer are required, otherwise the 360° view is always scaled by ebay to 150px in height.