Integrating into a website :: using an embed code (iframe)

The easiest way to embed the 3DRT tool into any other webpage is using the iframe embed code.

The 1.4.5 version of the 3DRT Setup Utility (and above) exports also an improved iframe.html file in the output folder. Lets assume you exported the 3DRT files into a folder named ”backpackjs” and you want the rotation to be 400x300px.

  1. Upload the output folder via ftp to your site, e.g for this site:
  2. Than you can use embed code like this to isert your 360 product view into any website:

You can set any width / height, it will work.
Note: The Fullscreen Button works only if the frame name begins with “3drt” (this is required so the script can check if the tool runs in its own dedicated iframe)