Hosting the 360° views with Amazon S3

If you are not sure, please read why or when to use Amazon S3 for hosting

Step by Step Instructions:
  1. Sign up for Amazon S3
  2. Signing up for Amazon S3 is easy, you can do it here:

  3. Create a Bucket
  4. Create a Bucket, named e.g. “”

    The Bucket name must be unique, a good practice is to append your domain name.

    Pick a location convenient for you, e.g. “US Standard”.


  5. Create a folder with the name of your product
  6. Go to Actions » Create Folder. You can name it e.g. “backpack”.

  7. Upload the files exported by the 3DRT Setup Utility
  8. You can use this sample files (please unzip the archive first):

    Select Actions » Upload or press the “Upload” Button


    Select files exported by the 3DRT Setup Utility and Drag and Drop them to the upload area:


    Note: Alternatively, you can skip the step “Create a folder” and upload (drag and drop) the whole “backpack” folder from your file-manager into the “” bucket directly.


    Here we have dropped the files exported from the 3DRT Setup Utility into the “backpack” folder in our “” bucket:


    We can press “Start Upload” and wait until the upload finishes.

  9. Make uploaded files public
  10. s3-upload-complete

    Once the files are uploaded, you need mark them as public. Navigate to the “” bucket and click the dot next to the folder icon next to the folder name.


    Select Actions » Make Public

  11. Sharing the 360 view
  12. Enter the “backpack” folder and click on the index.html file. Details will show on the right (click on Properties tab):


    You can share the index.html link to show the 360 on a dedicated page, like this:

    If you want to embed the 360 view into an other webpage, click on the iframe.html file and copy the link, in our case:

    Than copy and paste this embed code, but remember to replace the src attribute with your iframe.html link:

    You can adjust width/height as you need.

Integration examples
For integrating into WIX, use Insert » More » Website and select the iframe link as link.

If you need help/instructions for integrating into some other platform, please contact us.