First Steps

Follow these four “easy” steps to get your 360° product view online!

1) Product Photographs

For a smooth 360° product view you need at least 36 images of the product, shoot every 10° for a full 360° view.

You can download also the sample backpack images.

The product images are the “most difficult” part of the 360° product view. You can contact a professional photographer in your area or try to shoot the photos by your own. Here can you find more information on how to photograph a product for 360 product photography on your own.

2) Use 3DRT Setup Utility

Once you have the 360 product images ready, launch the 3DRT Setup Utility (which you can download for free) and import the images (drag and drop or click to select the folder).

The 3DRT Setup Utility’s main function is wrap the images into a web-based player.

In more detail, you use the 3DRT Setup Utility to adjust various options – set the rotation speed, choose which skin the player uses, choose which buttons do show or not or optionally add hot-spots to highlight important features of your product.

The 3DRT Setup Utility exports a webpage (index.html) with the player in place. The output folder contains the index.html page, rotatetool.js Javascript player image, folder with skin assets and the product images. You need to upload this output folder to your web server, before you can embed the player into your website.

3) Upload to your web server

Lets assume your output folder with the 360 files is called silverring, and your website You need to use FTP client to upload the folder to your website. You can use this guide from the WordPress site, or contact me and I’ll help you.

4) Integrate into your website

If you use WordPress, please check the WordPress plugin manual.

Once you have completed the upload, you can test and view your 360 product like this: (in case you have uploaded the silverring in the document root of your domain.)

If the upload was successful and you can see the 360° product view, you can use this guide to embed the 360&deg view into any other website, like youtube, embed using an iframe.


If you have any questions or doubts, please contact me.

Also, I plan to build an cloud-based hosting service so you do not need to have your own web-server or use the FTP for upload. Please contact me if you want to try beta version of this service.