Changelog of the Web based Creator & Latest Player

6. Dec 2019

Creator #93:

– project analytics page added (load counts, referrers)
– link to manage your subscription added (cancel subscription / download invoices)

28. Nov 2019

Creator #91:

– added the option to load a project
– added the option of “latest” and “current” iframe/page url. “Latest” points always to latest version and is cached up to 24 hours. Current version is not cached.

9. Oct 2019

Creator #86:

– Importing & Resizing of dropped images now works in Firefox and Safari again
– JPG encoding is using mozillas quality JPG encoder:

Player #34:

– small improvement in preloading UI button images
– exposing of the global Yofla360 object using which one can control the player

Changelog of the Dektop based Creator & Legacy Player

This is the changelog for the 360° product viewer, that is embedded in your website.
Here is the changelog of the creator application, the 3DRT Setup Utility.

360° Product View Player

2.4.3 (30.Jan 2019)

– enable the clickUrl action even if mouse/touch acitons are disabled

2.4.1 (26.Jun 2018)

– “rotateTo” functionality improved, added callback view.rotateTo(123, callback)
– pubic API functions added:
– getHotspotDataById(someHotspotId)
– executeHotspot(hotspotData)
– hideImageHotspot() : hides currently shown image hotspot

2.4.0 (21.Jun 2018)

– “rotateTo” functionality added – rotates view to specific frame
(as public api function of the 360 view instance)

2.2.4 (27.May 2018)

– free version displays a more potent link to

2.2.3 (1.Dec 2017)

– bug fix: calling javascript api startLoadingImages()
– bug fix: showing 360 view on demand (not with page load) & initiating loading images with startLoadingImages produced error

2.2.2 (12.sept 2017)

– bug fixes when using retinajs for replacing images (demo TBD)

2.2.1 (6.sept 2017)

– added option to enable/disable canvas usage for image rendering in config.js:
settings.player.useCanvas: true/false
or in RotateTool.create():
{useCanvas: true/false}
Info: when not using canvas for image rendering, img.src of element is updated (before images were shown/hidden by css)

2.2.0 (25.aug 2017)

– Option to initialise a 360 view instance on demand (not automatically on page loaded)
with the RotateTool.create(divId, options) call (demo TBD)
– Option to preload large-images right after normal-images are loaded (before the preloading of large images kickedin only automatically when the user zoomed in or went in fullscreen mode)
– settings.preloader.preloadLargeImages
– added event RotateTool.IMAGESLARGE_LOADED to monitor when large images are loaded

2.1.6 (3.Apr 2017)

– delay the initialization of the 360 view until target div width and height are set. Helps when tool is shown in modal windows

2.1.5 (20.Mar 2017)

– make forcedSize setting more stable when other css is overwriting image styles

2.1.4 (19.Mar 2017)

– make forcedSize setting not exceed screen size

2.1.3 (17.Mar 2017)

– forcedSize setting bug fixed (forcedSize was not taken in account when player was resized)

2.1.2 (18.Nov 2016)

– rotateOnce functionality improvement when using the bounce option

2.1.1 (18.Oct 2016)

– added the control setting disableMouseWheel=[true|false] to disable the mouse wheel actions

2.1.0 (22.Sept 2016)

– fixded bug (no product image is shown until play button is pressed when going fullscreen or changing the player size)

2.0.9 (14.Sept 2016)

– new html hotspot type added (displays a wepbage on hotspot click)

2.0.8 (22.Jun 2016)

– increased vertical scroll sensitivity by default (in multiple level rotations)
– improved navigation in multi-level rotation view

2.0.7 (14.Apr 2016)

– Mouse Wheel Zooming out not zooming out to 0% correctly bug fixed
– Added the functionality to position an absolute positioned hotspot relative to player window or image.
Before the position of “fixed hotspot” (absolute positioned hotspot) was set in pixel values from left/top/bottom/rightt.
“position”:{“top”:”10″, “left”:”90″},

Now you can specify position relative to player window:
“position”:{“top”:”10%”, “left”:”90%”},

Or relative to the image (prefix with “i”):
“position”:{“top”:”i10%”, “left”:”i90%”},

2.0.6 (11.Apr 2016)
not correct un-zooming fix

2.0.5 (09.Mar 2016)

– Maintenance release (small code improvements)

2.0.4 (5.Mar 2016)

– Small improvement: The preloader should now never jump from 0 to 99% with a hog, but advance in steps.

2.0.3 (4.Mar 2016)

– maxZoomAuto option improvement (could cause error if turned on, and zoom range is too small)

2.0.2 (4.Mar 2016)

– IE 10,11 Fullscreen button bug fix introduced in 2.0.1

2.0.1 (3.Mar 2016)

– Small improvement in rotation speed handling when users stops rotating the object

2.0.0 (2.Mar 2016)

– new option: settings.preloader.showStartButtonMobile If set to true, a start button is shown on mobile devices and the images are not loaded (to save data plan costs). Only after the button is pressed animation starts to load. By default this feature is off, you need to turn it on in config.js
– Small improvement in preloader code.

1.9.9 (6.Feb 2015)

– new option: settings.control.rotateOnClick If set to false, clicking on the 360 view does not stop/start the
rotation. The default value (when not set) is true
– new option: settings.control.zoomSetsPan If set to false, zooming in does not switch to pan mode. The default is true.
– new option: settings.control.zoomInStopsRotation If set to false, zooming in does not stop the rotation. Default is true.

These new options will be available in the 3DR Setup Utility 1.6.8 or newer. You can also edit the config.js manually.

1.9.8 (21.Jan 2015)

– If maximum zoom is 105% or less, zoomBar & buttons gets hidden – there is no sense in showing it since zooming makes only 5% increase of image size (or less).
Note: If you wonder why the zoomBar does not show, even if it is ON in options, check if you have the maxZoomAuto option turned OFF. If maxZoomAuto is turned on, them maximum zoom value can be auto-adjusted to be close to 100%, what happens when the player size matches the size of the source image size.

– custom logo has pointer cursor now if it has a url link soecified
– zoom bar handle has also now a correct pointer cursor

1.9.7 (15.Dec 2015)

– Small improvement in multi-level rotation (sometimes on play/stop the level reverted to level 0)

1.9.6 (10.Dec 2015)

– Added description text-field to the Image Hotspot

1.9.5 (3.Dec 2015)

– Small improvement: improved support for embedding with the PHP library

When the 360 view is embedded using custom “path” variable, the relative paths in
html hotspot tooltip definitions get rewritten to include this path.

1.9.4 (2.Dec 2015)

– Small improvement: better responsive behaviour of the 360 player when not using an iframe

The 360 player checks the width of the parent container to update its width, not the
width of the page.

1.9.3 (23.Nov 2015)

– New Feature! Video Hotspot. See example here.
After the video-hotspot is clicked, a video plays.
You set up a video hotspot like this:
“hotspots”: {
“hotspot_1329745360515”: {
“title”: {“text”: “Headphones detail – a video”},
“video”: {
“src”: “videos/film_2.mp4”

1.9.2 (20.Nov 2015)

– small code improvement (sometimes, when returning from fullscreen mode, while using hi-res images and the product was not rotating, the image would disappear)

1.9.1 (18.Nov 2015)

– added preloader for hi-res images in fullscreen mode.
Useful if you want to indicate the progress of loaded hi-resolution images when user enters the full-screen mode.
To enable, add “largeImagesPreloader” : true, in preloader node in config.js

1.9.0 (11.Nov 2015)

– small code improvements (regarding window resize events)

1.8.9 (10.Nov 2015)

– further improved logic in switching hires/lowres images

1.8.6 (8.Nov 2015)

– improved logic in switching hires/lowres images when leaving or entering fullscreen

1.8.5 (6.Nov 2015)

– added the option to reverse vertical drag
– added the option to disable vertical drag

“settings”: {
“rotation”: {
“rotateDirection”: 1,
“firstImage”: 0,
“multilevel”: {
“reverseDrag”: true,
“disableDrag”: false,

Currently you need to edit the config.js file manually to enable this functionality. Setting will be added to the 3DRT Setup Utility soon.

1.8.4 (29.Oct 2015)

– Fixed transparent-pngs onion effect bug (introduced in 1.8.2)

1.8.3 (20.Oct 2015)

– Fixed pan-not-working bug introduced in 1.8.2.
– Changed logic of automatic switch between pan/rotate mode a bit to make it more predictable. Before, when zoomed, starting a movement in
Y axies triggered PAN mode on. Now this is off by default and one needs to turn this mode on in settings using:

1.8.2 (15.Oct 2015)

– Switched to canvas html element for image rendering. Smoother rotation and prevents occasional image flickering in Firefox after tab-switch.

1.8.1 (8.Oct 2015)

– Small detail: updated code a bit to work around a bug in Firefox browser. If script heavy website was opened
in other tab, the 360 view rotation (in other tab) got slowed down.

1.8.0 (1.Oct 2015)

– Nice detail: script stops/resumes rotation (in background) when browser tab becomes inactive/active
– Small detail: pressing and holding the left/right arrow down will start rotating the object

1.7.9 (29.sept 2015)

– Nice update: Code improvements for smoother images loading in Chrome.
– Small detail: Preloader advances now in a more smoother way.
– Small detail: The setting for the start of the rotation was improved. Before, the values “true”,”once”,”false”
were accepted, now also the boolean values true,false are accepted (without quotes).

1.7.8 (16.aug 2015)

– fixed typo introduced in 1.7.7 (call to console.log left in code)

1.7.7 (13.aug 2015)

– added support for loading legacy config.xml files.
Instructions : embed like the newest 360 viewer, but be sure the set the data attribute configFile like this “configFile”:”config.xml”.

1.7.6 (4.aug 2015)

– probably a bug in chrome browser causes sometimes an issue when many (200+) large images are loaded. This version
update introduces a fix for chrome-browser so the images do always load.
Another improvement is that loading
of hi-res images is postponed until the user actually zooms in or enters fullscreen mode, so the server is not stressed with
loading of images that might be newer used.

1.7.5 (21.jul 2015)

– added option in config.js : settings.control.touchPageScroll [true|false] If set to true, on touch devices moving while touching the 360view up/down moves also the webpage up/down
Default is set to false.

1.7.4 (16.jul 2015)

– pinch gesture improved a bit (before, when maxZoom was set to a low value, the pinch gesture to zoom was slow)

1.7.3 (15.jul 2015)

– small code improvements when playing the 360 on a local computer
– version 1.6.8 scrolling fix is now limited to touch devices only
– removed hard-coded withe background so one can use transparent 360s

1.7.2 (14.jul 2015)

– small improvements when panning/zooming the image

1.7.0 (07.jul 2015)

– added the option to customize the html content of any hotspot.
– upgraded the styles.css & rotatetool.js so it is possible to style the image hotspot image title in styles.css
– added an two new events one can subscribe to: hotspot_open and tooltip_show
– additional argument is passed to function called from JavaScript hotspot. The second argument is an object, that contains this data: {hotspotElement,instance}.
– hotspotElement is the DOM object of the hotspot that was clicked
– instance is the 360 view instance

1.6.9 (02.jul 2015)

– small improvement: if the rotation spins it is not stopped when browser window is resized or mobile device orientation changed

1.6.8 (01.jul 2015)

– when scrolling the page on a mobile device while touching the 360 object the up/down scrolling now correctly works and the page is scrolled. Before, the events were captured by the 360 view and the up/down scrolling was not working (it was reserved for panning) and user could not scroll the page up or down. This fix works only if the image is not zoomed (when the panning occurs) or when the are no multiple levels defined (when the switch to next level occurs).

1.6.7 (26.jun 2015)

– added option:
settings.control.maxZoomAuto = true
If defined and set to true, the tool will not allow the user to zoom more than is the actual size (1:1) of the large-image.

1.6.6 (19.jun 2015)

– added API to toggle hotspots on/off:
showHotspots(true/false) – shows or hides hotspots, based on parameter
toggleHotspots() – shows hotspots when they are hidden and vice-versa

1.6.5 (18.jun 2015)

– fixed detecting running the player in 3DRT Setup Utility (connected with fullscreen button not showing in 3DRT Setup Utility)

1.6.4 (9.Jun 2015)

– fixed a tiny bug introduced in 1.6.3 connected with panning a zoomed image

1.6.3 (2.Jun 2015)

– added the option into config.js NOT to show the mouse-wheel tooltip:
“showMouseWheelToolTip”: false
– when panning, now it is not possible to drag the image outside of the view

1.6.2 (28.may 2015)

– added API:
You call it with RotateTool.get(‘div_id’)
.isSpinning() Returns true/false based if the object is spinning or not
.getImageId() Returns current id of the image. Id is the order number of the image in list.
.startLoadingImages() If the loading of the images is turned off (start button is shown, images are not loaded), this api call resumes/continues loading the images (so you do not need to press the start button)

– if the setting showStartButton in config.js is set to true, the images are not loaded
This setting is not yet available in the current 3DRT Setup Utility (v.1.6.1) or its themes,
you need to edit config.js manualy. Example for this functinality:

1.6.1 (12.may 2015)

– when disableMouseControl option is active, the 360 view does not exhibit hand cursor
– preloader background-stripe controls added to config.js:
“background”: {
color: “#FF0000”,
alpha: 1,
enabled : true

1.6.0 (15.apr 2015)

– disableMouseControl option is active in settings now. I.E. you can disable the ability to control the rotation
using mouse.

1.5.9 (7.apr 2015)

– play resume adheres now to the last left/right button click rotation direction

1.5.8 (11.mar 2015)

– pan/rotate toggle in zoom mode based on how long the mouse/touch is down before mouse/touch moved
– enableSwing option turned on: now you can specify whether rotation should continue (or not) after dragging with mouse/touch
– in_fullscreen class added in fullscreen mode, so it is possible now to display other design of butons in fullcreen
mode, e.g.: div.rotate-tool-button-fullscreen

1.5.7 (10.mar 2015)

– code improvement for player size check

1.5.6 (6.mar 2015)

– code fix for correct forced-player-size check

1.5.5 (27.feb 2015)

– performance improvements (requestAnimationFrame)

1.5.4 (26.feb 2015)

– performance improvements (rendering loop)

1.5.3 (25.feb 2015)

– fixed fullscreen double-shown image bug

1.5.1 (17.feb 2015)

– fixed ios8 safari crash bug
– reverse drag fix

1.5.2 (17.feb 2015)

– fixed ios8 safari crash bug (hopefully)

1.5.2 (12.feb 2015)

– smoother dragging experience

1.5.1 (10.feb 2015)

– fixed fullscreen sizing issue

1.4.9 (03.feb 2015)

– the option to force-specify player size in the data-rotate-tool attribute. This was required so the 360° player in an Ebay listing is not scaled down.

1.4.8 (15.dec 2014)

– added html tooltip

1.4.7 (26.nov 2014)

– tiny bounce bug introduced in 1.4.6 fixed

1.4.6 (22.nov 2014)

– added support to zoom in using pinch gesture on mobile devices
– IE flicker fixed

1.4.5 (18.nov 2014)

– API function added: setImage(), useful to set custom image, used in sycn two rotation example

1.4.4 (11.nov 2014)

– fixed bug when slider handle was clicked and draged for the first time – it did not move
– fixed sub-domain check bug

1.4.2 (18.aug 2014)

– fixed vertical drag bug
– fixed images not appearing sometimes in Chrome

1.4.1 (11.aug 2014)

– small code update to support the pure-white theme
– mousewheel now rotates the object by default, if mouseWheelZooms in settings is set to false
– option to specify preloader image as any image from the sequence (also rotation starts with that image)

1.4.0 (11.aug 2014)

– small code update to support the pure-white theme
– mousewheel now rotates the object by default, if mouseWheelZooms in settings is set to false
– option to specify preloader image as any image from the sequence (also rotation starts with that image)

1.4.0 (4.aug 2014)

– typo in right-click menu fixed

1.3.9 (14.jul 2014)

– added support for custom contex menu item (not in Free,Lite,Regular versions)
– fixed IE images flickering before one full turn
– added domain validation for PRO,PROWL licenses

1.3.8 (7.jul 2013)

– added support for Google Analytics Events Tracking (not in Free,Lite,Regular versions)

1.3.7 (24.jun 2013)

– disabled min/max image positioning in zoom mode to workaround IE11 Fullscreen bug

1.3.6 (23.jun 2014)

– hotspot tooltip positioning issue fixed
– mousewheel zooms in/out
– left/right arrow do not zoom out now, when clicked in zoom mode
– position of image is remembered when panned, and zoomed in/out again

1.3.5 (20.jun 2014)

– improved bounce first image issue

1.3.4 (19.jun 2014)

– fixed IE8 bug introduced in 1.2.9 (dispatching rotateTool events is not supported in IE8)

1.3.3 (18.jun 2014)

– customLayer feature added (added a layer above images and below controls to which you can add content to, by styling the div.rotate-tool-custom-layer in styles.css).

1.3.2 (17.jun 2014)

– hotspot tooltip added
– fixed pan not working in zoom bug introduced in 1.3.0

1.3.1 (11.jun 2014)

– Image is shown when images are loading.
Setting in config.js:
“preloader”: {“image”: “first”}

possible options:
– first : shows the first image in rotation
– none : no image shown
– 05 : the 5th image is shown
– splash : splash.jpg image is loaded
– splash.png : splash.png image is laoded

1.3.0 (9.jun 2014)

– when reverseDrag is on, now the left/right button rotation direction is swapped also
– added new feature : rotateOnMouseHover (works only for desktops)
– added settinsg: settings.control.clickUrl, settings.control.clickUrlTarget, which
opens an url if the rotation is clicked

1.2.9 (5.jun 2014)

– support for specifying themeUrl added (useful when using PHP script for generating player embed code)
– added support for dispatching events. Currenlty supported events:
— ON_IMAGE : dispatched each time an image is shown

1.2.8 (29.may 2014)

– disabled error message on not-loaded images

1.2.7 (28.may 2014)

– limit levels for absolute hotspots (add levels=[0,3] in config.js in hotspot definition to limit its appearance to levels 0 and 3)
– small code improvements
– IE8 win7 Image Hotspot BugFix (Hotspot Image did not load)

1.2.6 (4.may 2014)

– fixed cross domain iframe “bug” caused by latest Chrome update

1.2.5 (2.may 2014)

– fixed cross domain iframe “bug” caused by latest Chrome update

1.2.4 (30.apr 2014)

– fixed fullscreen button always showing in 3DRT Setup Utility
– added global yofla_setColor() and yofla_setLevel() helper functions

1.2.3 (28.apr 2014)

– added support for absolute/fixed positioned hotspot

1.2.2 (21.mar 2014)

– fixed a small bug introduced in 1.2.0 that caused iframe not working when it’s name attribute was not set

1.2.1 (17.feb 2014)

– fixed a small bug introduced in 1.2.0 that caused images to rotate really fast when the rotation was viewed outside of the 3DRT setup utility

1.2.0 (17.feb 2014)

– fullscreen! (fullscreen button added)
– target div content is cleared on config.js load
– small improvement: when changing up/down one level, dx is reset = 0

1.1.9 (4.feb 2014)

– Fixed issue with images flicker/flashing when using bigger images

1.1.8 (31.jan 2014)

– improvements in responsive design (scales to fit browser window even if fixed width is set)

1.1.7 (27.jan 2014)

– added new type wave preloader
– small code fixes (class name for rotation div was added twice)
– fixed the issue when 3rd party stylesheets caused the zoom not working correctly

1.1.6 (13.jan 2014)

– fixed a bug, when scaled image did not scale back after rotation
(this bug occurred only when image aspect ratio was the same sa player aspect ratio

1.1.5 (6.jan 2014)

– fixed “pale overlay” bug that was introduced in 1.1.4

1.1.4 (18.dec 2013)

– style sheets button over states do now load faster (normal and over state are in one single image)
– support for left/right/top/down arrow buttons added
– added styles to prevent the 3drt being selected or dragged accidentally

1.1.3 (28.nov 2013)

– instance loaded function call added