Changelog – 3DRT Setup Utility

This is the changelog for the 3DRT Setup Utility – the desktop application for creation of the 360 player with your 360° product view. You can view the changelog for the 360 player here.

Download latest 3DRT Setup Utility here

1.6.8 (11.mar 2016)
  • Added the option to disable Play/Stop functionality after user clicks on object.
  • Added the option “zoom sets pan”. You can control whether zooming in turns on the Pan mode or if the object continues to rotate
  • Added the option “zooming in stops rotation”. You can control whether zooming in stops the rotation or not.
  • Added the option to show “Start” button on mobile phones. 360 images are not loaded to save data plan, unless the user clicks on the start button
  • Added the option to reverse vertical drag direction in multiple levels 360 view
1.6.7 (13.jan 2016)
  • added the option to export .zip archive of the created 360 view – useful for easier sharing
  • added the option to disable vertical level change with mouse in multiple-level rotation (useful for color variations)
  • added the option to specify url that opens, when the 360 view is clicked on
  • added the option to switch to pan-mode, when the object is zoomed in and user moves the mouse (or touches) vertically
  • added the option to pass vertical drag events to browser window on mobile devices (experimental feature), what might help to scroll the page vertically on a mobile device even if it covers the whole screen
1.6.6 (7.sept 2015)

– added the option to prevent object from rotating when mouse button is de-pressed while mouse is moving

1.6.5 (9.jul 2015)

– added a special hotspot icon to select the default CSS-based hotspot icon.
– added the “maxZoomAuto” option into the UI settings. If enabled and Hi-Res images are used, the player does not allow the user to zoom more than is the actual resolution of the Hi-Res image.

1.6.2 (1.jun 2015)

– start button option added
– New project load images bugfix

1.5.8 (18.feb 2015)

– small code improvements

1.5.6 (12.feb 2015)

– player images are not recomputed when source images are the same size or smaller
– small UI changes (added additional preview in browser button)

1.5.5 (6.feb 2015)

– custom player size setting bug fixed

1.5.3 (4.feb 2015)

– much faster animated GIF output
– new in-browser preview
– export of small images added for faster preloading of player images

1.5.2 (29.oct 2014)

– added support for zoom in (+) and out (-) buttons
– after entering PRO WL license key, redirects to License Dashboard to authorize domain

1.5.0 (15.aug 2014)

– added preloader image selector
– added mousewheel zoom/rotate setting
– fixed sorting of images issue (by name) in animated gif export

1.4.9 (14.jul 2014)

– added theme selector (more themes soon)
– added support for google analytics tracking
– added support for custom right click menu

1.4.8 (1.may 2014)

– small bugfix (in save/load project for absolute hotspots)
– other small improvements (for multi level rotation the number of horizontal steps is automatically computed)

1.4.7 (29.apr 2014)

– added support for Absolute hotspots

1.4.6 (17.feb 2014)

– added support for Fullscreen Button
– added support for Lite license type

1.4.5 (31.jan 2014)

– updated index.html and iframe.html template for better responsiveness

1.4.4 (28.jan 2014)

– added support for Wave type preloader
– now showing license id for WordPress Plugin in the license dashobard