Player Features

The 360° product rotation player shows the product rotation in your website. You can use an embed code (like youtube embed code ) to insert it into any page in your website.

Main Features:

  • Works also on mobile devices
  • Control rotation with mouse or touch
  • Does not depend on JQuery
  • Fullscreen Mode
  • Various image sizes are (automatically) used for faster loading and retina screen support

Features that are being migrated from the Desktop application “3DRT Setup Utility” to the web-based 360° Product View Creator:

  • Zooming in, loading hi-res image when zoomed in
  • Hotspots for:
    • Displaying an Image with description
    • Linking a Webpage
    • Calling a JavaScript function
  • Full3D Support (rotation in multiple levels)
  • HTML Hotspot Tool-Tips
  • The 3DRT Setup Utility can output also an animated GIF file for your 360° product view, which you can send by email or use on eBay

3DRT Setup Utility (Discontinued, but still available for Windows uppon request)
The 3DRT Setup Utility is a desktop application using which you convert your images into the 360° product view.

Example of a dialog window in the online 360° product view creator to copy the embed code: