Author: matus

New 3DRT Setup Utility v.1.5.3

Today, new version of the 3DRT Setup Utility was released. New Features: 1) Much faster animated GIF output The export of animated gifs of your products is now much faster 2) New in-browser preview The new preview yields the specified player width/height an gives you an 1:1 preview on the… Read More»

New feature: hotspot HTML TooTip

The 360 product viewer player files from version 1.4.8 allow you to specify custom html content that shows when the mouse hovers a hotspot. Read how to set up a html-tooltip here: Manual for the new HTML ToolTip feature The new player files that support this feature will download into… Read More»

Prestashop Module Released

The first version of the Prestashop Module was released today. You can download it and read the install instructions here: Prestashop Module The Prestashop module is the easiest way how to plug in your 360 view into your prestashop based ecommerce site. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have… Read More»

Hosting Images on S3

With the 360 Product Viewer you can host the images on any server you like – be it Amazon S3, CoudFront or other CDN Provider. Why? Hosting on a CDN or on S3 gives you faster loading time. Faster loading time means happy customers & more sales. The Key is… Read More»

New version: added Fixed hotspots feature

New 3DRT Setup Utility (1.4.8) and Player Files (1.2.5) have been published. The main features are: – Support for Fixed hotspots added: Fixed hotspots tutorial&example Some bug fixes and improvements: – fixed cross-domain iframe embed bug in Chrome (after latest Chrome browser update), that caused the 360° product rotation now… Read More»

Fullscreen Button Example

The 3DRT player files in version 1.2.1 support new fullscreen button. To guarantee the fullscreen works correctly in all browsers, the 360° product rotation must be embedded using an iframe (see how or use this WordPress Plugin) Also, the internet browser needs to support the fullscreen API (all modern browsers… Read More»

Player Files 1.1.7 and 3DRT Setup Utility 1.4.4 released

New Features and Improvements: Support for wave type preloader added Code improvements and bug fixes View Changelog You can download the newest 3DRT Setup Utility here: Win: 3drt-setuputility.exe Mac: 3drt-setuputility.dmg The player files will download to the 3DRT Setup utility automatically. Selecting wave preloader: