New Feature: large images preloader

The player files of version 1.9.1 feature a nice addition: now you can show an extra preloader for the hi-resolution images.

As you already know, you can specify hi-resolution images that are loaded when user enters the fullscreen mode or zooms in the product.

When you turn on the “largeImagesPreloader” setting on in settings, the preloader is shown in Fullscreen mode so the user has a feedback that the currently blurred and scaled up images will be replaced soon by their hi-resolution counterparts.

How to turn on the setting:

In 3DRT Setup Utility:
– not currently possible, the 3DRT Setup Utility needs to be updated yet

In config.js:
– you can enable this feature by adding the loargeImagesPreloader line in the preloader settings node:

You can see this setting in action in this example: Tank Model & large images preloader

You can customize the look&feel of the hi-res images preloader just by editing the CSS styles in the assets/styles.css file:

By default, this feature is turned off. As mentioned above, you need to turn-on the hi-res images preloader in config.js or settings.ini (or in 3DRT Setup Utility).