New features summary

Last week a handful of new features was added to the 360° player and to the 3DRT Setup Utility.

Here is a list of them:

1) New default hotspot icon in 3DRT Setup Utility

If you select the new default css icon as the hotspot-icon, the hotspot icon will be constructed using the stylesheets in styles.css. More info.

2) Custom html content for hotspots

You can now define (currently just in config.js) your own html code for hotspots. See how.

3) Custom styles for image title in image hotspot

From historical reasons, the stylesheets for the image-title in the image-hotspots was hard-coded in the rotatetool.js code. Now you can customize it by editing styles.css:

4) JavaScript hotspot : more data

Additional 2nd argument is now passed to the function that is defined for the JavaScript hotspot. The second argument is an object, that contains this data: {hotspotElement,instance}. The hotspotElement is the DOM object of the hotspot, so you can fetch e.g. it’s x,y position. The instance is the 360 view instance object you can use to target the 360 player API calls.
Also, now it is possible to subscribe to these two new events the 360 player instance dispatches: hotspot_open and tooltip_show. Learn how to listen and respond to events.

4) Hotspots tooltip show&hide

Small improvement was added in how the hotpots tooltip show/hides. Remember, now you can use also custom html code for a hotspot.

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