Hosting Images on S3

With the 360 Product Viewer you can host the images on any server you like – be it Amazon S3, CoudFront or other CDN Provider.

Why? Hosting on a CDN or on S3 gives you faster loading time. Faster loading time means happy customers & more sales.

The Key is the path data-rotate-tool parameter:

The path parameter is prefixed when the script is loading the config.js, theme files and the image files. In the above example I am using Amazon S3 static website hosting.

How to enable Static website hosting on your Amazon S3

1) Create a bucket, in my case, Click the Properties Tag and check Enable website hosting

This is how you enable static website hosting on your s3 bucket.
Click the above image to see how to enable static website hosting on your s3 bucket.

2) Upload your the output folder you created with the 3DRT Setup Utility to your newely created Amazon S3 bucket. I have used ForkLift on Mac, for Windows you can use the CloudBerry S3 Client

3) Right click the uploaded folder (in my case backpackjs) and select Make It Public:

4) Test if the uploaded folder is public. In your Bucket Properties, under Static Website Hosting you can see the Endpoint URL:

Add your uploaded folder name after the url, add /index.html (or /iframe.html) and try in a browser, in my case:

If it works, you can use the endpoint url + folder name as the path parameter, in my case:

WordPress Plugin

WordPress plugin in version 1.0.7 accepts an url starting with http:// as src parameter, so you can easily host files on your favourite cloud/cdn servers.