New 3DRT Setup Utility and 3DRT Player Files

Only JavaScript
The latest 3DRT Setup Utility (code name) Lisboa in version 1.4.0 and newer is very different to the previous 3DRT Setup Utility. The main difference is, that it outputs only the JavaScript version of the 3DRT Player files.

Flash version deprecated
Currently, mobile web is taking over the traditional desktop and therefore I will focus in the future only on the JavaScript version. It has currently about 70% of the features of the Flash version and I am working on adding of the features that are left.

You can download the “old” 3DRT Setup Utility that outputs also the Flash player files here:

You can try the previous version which outputs also the flash version:

(It is possible to have these two version installed on one system side by side)

The new Features of the JavaScript version
The new JavaScrpipt Player has some nice features:
– responsive : it fits any widt/height you define (also relative)
– support for styling UI with css : customize buttons with just updating a css file